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Eighty years ago, in the woods of Missouri, just 30 miles north of St. Joseph, Ivan Mallard Bunker—an avid sportsman—owned a minor league baseball team and Bunker Hill Oil, one of the first gasoline stations in the county. But Ivan’s interests were not monopolized by gasoline and baseball: he eventually developed a hankering for good food. He opened the first Quincy’s in 1934 right next to Bunker Hill Oil and the Bunker Hill sporting clays. Times became tough and the lure of steady work drew Ivan and his wife, Naomi, to the bright lights of the big city: Wichita, Kansas. Ivan quickly found work at the Swallow Aircraft Company, then Stearman Aircraft, and finally Boeing.

         Ivan—an aircraft employee, a trap shooter in the Kansas Trap Shooter Hall of Fame, a businessman, a restaurant owner—handed down all his considerable knowledge in the fine arts of cooking game and less exotic meats to his grandson Kyle (Quincy’s current owner). Today, Quincy’s Bar and Grill entwines the fibers of the present with the past, and not only through its name and sports memorabilia. Ivan’s company patches can be found throughout the restaurant, harkening back to a history Kyle aims to keep alive. 

         Quincy’s is a neighborhood bar and grill, keen on quality food, cold beer, strong drinks, and friendly service. But Quincy’s is a story as well. The restaurant serves as a historical narrative Kyle hopes his children—Quincy, Carter, and Libby Joe–further foster in their adult lives. When you come into our establishment, you’re doing your history, and Kyle and the rest of Quincy’s staff thank you for choosing to continue the story with us.